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The methodology we follow aims to better serve you.

By entering in our premises we take care to understand your needs and recommend the best possible solution respecting the specifications of your item.

The steps we follow are:


1) Receipt of your item.

Recording of the object using the reference and the serial number that is unique for each watch.

Recording of the number of the dial as well as the number of bracelet and the exact number of links.


2) Your own observations.

We try to be as much as possible Illustrative of the problem you have observed.


3) Gathering contact information.

Contact information will help us to get in touch with you explaining the solutions required to solve your problem.


4) Proof of receipt.

The proof of receipt is given to certify that our object holder delivers the watch and we are committed to deliver the specific item upon the presentation of proof of receipt.

At this point we are ready to move to the control of the object.

The control of the object is necessary to determine the problem and find solutions.

Usually the control time varies depending on the situation.

A mechanical watch needs more time to determine any problems from a quartz watch.

After completing the control of the object we are able to move to the next stage.


5) Communication and Estimate.

We contact with the customer to handle our estimate for repair.

The Estimate form for repair can be sent via e-mail if we have received your e-mail address upon receipt.

6) Awaiting approval of repair.

It is our principle not to proceed to any kind of repair unless we have your approval.


7) Repair.

Since we have your approval your watch proceeds to the stage of repair.


8) Complete repair and quality control.

Upon completion of repair have to observe the object several days for any malfunctions so as to be able to prevent any problems.


9) Receipt.

On presentation of proof of receipt, we can deliver the object having completed the agreed work.

For all the work we perform we deliver 2 year warranty. - Bottom info - Home1 Section - Home2 Section


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