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Complete Overhaul consists of the following steps.

1) Check of all the functions of watch , identification and diagnosis.

2) Dismantling of movement and pre-washing.

3) Quality control for defective parts or parts with signs of premature wear.

4) Replacement of components.

5) Cleaning of the disassembled movement in a machine with specific baths.

6) Assembling of the movement.

7) Lubrication and rate adjustment of the watch.

8) Control of case and bracelet.

9) Ultrasonic washing of case and bracelet – Refurbishing of the case and bracelet in metal to original.

10) Replacement of gaskets.

11) Assembling of case.

12) Water resistance control.

13) Final control before returning the watch to the customer. - Bottom info - Home1 Section - Home2 Section

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